2016 Viognier Doux

Mt. Harlan
2016 Viognier Doux
Calera's 2016 Viognier Doux comes entirely from 100% Viognier grapes grown from our Mt. Harlan Vineyard. We crafted this very sweet wine in homage to the brilliant, frozen-on-the-vine Eisweins that have been produced for centuries in winter in the coldest vineyard sites of Germany, Austria, and now Canada.
Wine Notes
Unlike those rare (and super expensive) classics, this Viognier Doux was made from the same grapes, picked on October 18th, 2016, that would become our 2016 Mt. Harlan Viognier, which is completely dry (no sugar). The juice was then frozen solid and set aside for several months. Slow thawing allowed us to concentrate the juice from 25 brix to 37 brix. The juice was then fermented with native yeast until it decided to stop, with a sweetness level of 14% RS, giving us a wine with an intense aroma of apricots, a full unctuous, silky texture and lively, bright, floral finish.
Wine Profile
Planted in 1983 & 1989, 6.1 acres, 6 x 10 spacing, southwest exposure, limestone soils , clone: Geneva, NY, Rootstock: ’83 – various, ’89 – own rooted, and production: 255 cases